Can You Return Perfume to Macy’s? Explore Macy’s Return Policy

Indulge in the world of fragrance at Macy’s without hesitation and don’t be afraid if you can Return Perfume to Macy’s or not. Spritz away with confidence, because you can return it for a full refund within a generous 30-day period, even if you’ve already uncorked the bottle.

Your olfactory journey is worry-free, and your satisfaction is our priority. So, explore, and embrace the allure of Macy’s perfumes today. Read to know!

Macy’s Generous Perfume Return Policy

Macy’s boasts a customer-friendly return policy that generally allows customers to replace most items within 30 days of purchase, and this includes fragrance. Unlike some retailers, Macy’s permits returns of opened perfume bottles, provided certain conditions are met.

Macy’s Return Policy in a Word

Yes, perfumes have a return policy at Macy’s. You can return most perfumes for a full refund within 30 days of purchase, even if the perfume has been opened. However, there are exceptions to this policy, such as perfumes that have been damaged or used.

ConditionReturn/Exchange Policy
Unopened & Original PackagingFull Refund (30 days)
Opened & Gently UsedPossible Refund/Exchange (Manager Discretion)
Opened & Heavily UsedNo Returns/Exchanges
Gift without ReceiptExchange for Store Credit (Based on lowest advertised price)
Macy's Perfume Return Process

Conditions for Returning Perfume to Macy’s:

To return perfume, you must adhere to the following conditions:

  1. Within 30 Days: Your return must be made within 30 days of the original purchase date. This ample timeframe ensures you have sufficient time to assess your purchase and make a decision.
  2. Unopened and in Original Packaging: To be eligible for a return, the perfume bottle must be unopened and in its original packaging. This means that the fragrance should remain in pristine, sellable condition.
Return by Mail (Non-Star Rewards Members)$9.99 + tax (where applicable)
Damaged or Used PerfumeVaries, may be deducted from refund
Lost or Missing Original Proof of PurchasePotentially a processing fee
Gift Return without Original ReceiptExchange for store credit of equal value

Returning Perfume to Macy’s

Macy’s offers two convenient methods for returning perfume: in-store and by mail.

In-Store Return

  1. Bring the Scent to a Macy’s Store: To replace or return your fragrance bottle in person, visit any store.
  2. Provide Your Receipt: Present your purchase receipt to the cashier at the customer service desk. This helps them locate your transaction and process the return smoothly.
  3. Refund Issuance: Upon verification, the cashier will process your return and issue a refund in the original form of payment. If you use a credit card, the refund will be credited back to your account.
Returning Perfumes at Macy's Store

Return by Mail

  1. Print a Return Shipping Label: If you prefer to return the fragrance bottle by mail, access Macy’s website to print out a return shipping label. Make sure to include all the necessary information.
  2. Secure Packaging: Carefully pack the perfume bottle in a suitable box, ensuring it’s well-protected during transit.
  3. Attach the Shipping Label: Affix the printed return shipping label to the box. Ensure all information is accurate.
  4. Ship the Package: You can either drop the package off at a nearby UPS store or mail it to the address specified on the return shipping label.

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Overall Macy’s Return Policy

Return Policy at Macy’sTerms & Conditions
Return Timeframe30 days from the date of purchase
Return MethodBy mail or in-store
Return Fees– Store returns: Free
– Star Reward members: Free return shipping
– Non-Star Reward members: $9.99 return shipping fee plus tax
Return Conditions– Items must be in original, saleable condition with original tags
– Shipping and delivery fees are non-refundable
Cosmetics/FragrancesNew or gently used products accepted for return
Store PurchasesMust be returned to a store
Online PurchasesCan be returned in-store or by initiating the return online
Seller Shipped ItemsMust be returned by initiating the return online

Exceptions to Macy’s Return Policy

While Macy’s return policy is generally customer-friendly, there are exceptions. You cannot return:

  • Items that have been used or damaged.
  • Items that are missing tags or original packaging.
  • Items that were purchased on clearance or during a sale.
  • Gift cards.

Contacting Macy’s Customer Service

If you have any doubts or questions regarding Macy’s return policy for scent, don’t hesitate to reach out to their customer service team at 1 (800) 289-6229. They are there to assist you with any inquiries you may have.

How can you Return an Engraved Perfume to Macy’s?

Yes, you can return an engraved perfume if it meets the specific criteria:

  1. Within the 30-day return window: The engraved perfume must be returned within 30 days of purchase.
  2. In its original packaging: The engraved perfume should still be in its original packaging to be eligible for return.

Similar to opened perfumes, for engraved perfumes, Macy’s may issue a partial refund based on the product’s condition.

Returning/Exchange Guidelines for Unopened Perfume Without a Receipt

Yes, you can return unopened bottles to Macy’s without a receipt, but you’ll need to provide alternative proof of purchase:

  1. Alternative proof of purchase: Macy’s may accept alternative forms of proof, such as a credit card statement showing the purchase or a shipping confirmation email.
  2. Identification: You may be required to provide identification when returning unopened perfume without a receipt.

Macy’s Return Policy on Opened Perfumes

Yes, you can return opened fragrance to Macy’s, provided it meets certain conditions:

  • Within the 30-day return window: You can return opened perfume within 30 days of purchase.
  • In its original packaging: The opened perfume must still be in its original packaging to be eligible for return. This ensures that the product remains in a sellable condition.

It’s important to note that for opened perfume, Macy’s may issue a partial refund rather than a full refund, depending on the condition of the product.

What Cannot be Returned to Macy’s?

These are the items that you can not return to Macy’s:

  1. Gift cards: Macy’s typically does not accept returns for gift cards as they are considered final sales.
  2. Items that have been used, damaged, or altered: Macy’s will not accept returns for items that show signs of use, damage, or alterations. It’s important to return items in their original condition.
  3. Items that are missing tags or packaging: To be eligible for a return, items must have their original tags and packaging intact. This ensures that the product is in a resellable condition.
  4. Items that were purchased on clearance or during a sale: Macy’s often designates clearance and sale items as final sale, meaning they cannot be returned. Be sure to check the terms of sale during clearance events.
  5. Items that are personalized or engraved: Customized or engraved items are typically non-returnable unless there is a defect or error in the customization.
  6. Items that are considered hazardous materials: Certain items, such as aerosols, flammable liquids, and batteries, may be classified as hazardous materials and are subject to specific return restrictions for safety reasons.

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Discover scents worry-free at Macy’s now. Enjoy a 30-day risk-free return policy, even if you’ve opened the fragrance. Macy’s is dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction, inviting you to explore the world of scents without any hesitations. Your olfactory journey is safeguarded for pure contentment.

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