Does Sephora Sell Beautycounter? A Comprehensive Guide

Sephora no longer sells Beautycounter products. In 2020, there was a limited-time partnership where Sephora offered 11 of Beautycounter’s best-selling items both in stores and online. However, this collaboration has ended. To purchase Beautycounter products, you can visit their official website or connect with independent Beautycounter consultants.

But First, to provide a thorough answer, we will delve into the backgrounds of both brands, and their philosophies, and explore any potential partnerships that may have emerged.

Sephora and Beautycounter: Is There a Partnership?

There are not certain partnerships going on between these two giants. The specific reasons for ending the partnership between Sephora and Beautycounter are not publicly disclosed, but there has been speculation regarding concerns related to Beautycounter’s multi-level marketing (MLM) business model. If you’re seeking alternative clean beauty brands at Sephora, consider options like Drunk Elephant, Tata Harper, and Kjaer Weis.

Sephora and Beautycounter, though distinct brands with different approaches to beauty, have both established themselves as reputable names in the industry.

Let’s find out whether the beauty hub is selling the products of Beautycounter.

Sephora – Mecca of Beauty Powerhouse

Sephora, born in France in 1969, is a titan in beauty retail. With over 2,600 stores in 35 countries, it’s a go-to for beauty enthusiasts. Its secret? A mix of high-quality items from well-known and emerging brands, spanning skincare to beauty tools. Sephora has something for everyone.

Beautycounter: Pioneers of Clean Beauty

Since 2009, Beautycounter, a U.S.-based brand, has been making waves in clean beauty. They’re strict about ingredients, banning over 1,500 harmful chemicals. This approach has won the hearts of those seeking healthier, eco-friendly beauty options.

Sephora And Beautycounter Partnership

Sephora and Beautycounter do not have a confirmed partnership, but Beautycounter products are available on Sephora’s website,

Brand OverviewGlobal beauty retailer known for its extensive product selectionClean beauty brand focused on safe and sustainable ingredients
HeadquartersParis, FranceSanta Monica, California
Product RangeSkincare, makeup, fragrance, haircare, beauty toolsSkincare, makeup, body care, sun care
Ingredient StandardsConventional beauty standardsStrict ingredient standards, excluding over 1,500 potentially harmful chemicals
PartnershipNo direct partnershipBeautycounter products available through Sephora’s online marketplace
Purchasing OptionsSephora stores,, authorized retailers, independent, authorized retailers, independent consultants
Sephora BenefitsConvenience, Sephora Rewards, free shipping (over $35)None
Target AudienceBeautycounter products are available through Sephora’s online marketplaceConsumers seeking clean and sustainable beauty options
Brand ImageTrendy, diverse, high-endClean, ethical, sustainable
Overall PositioningBeauty destination storeClean beauty pioneer

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The Advantages of Buying Beautycounter at Sephora

Sephora and Beautycounter decide to partner, consumers can reap several benefits:


Sephora’s extensive presence and online platform make it convenient for shoppers to access Beautycounter products alongside other beloved beauty brands.


Sephora’s extensive product range allows customers to explore Beautycounter’s clean beauty offerings while discovering other products that complement their preferences.

Expert Guidance

Sephora’s knowledgeable staff can guide and recommend Beautycounter products, facilitating informed choices.

Exclusive Offers

Sephora often extends promotions, discounts, and exclusive deals to its customers. If Beautycounter becomes part of Sephora’s offerings, customers may enjoy these special offers.

Where to Buy Beautycounter?

Here’s where you can snag Beautycounter products:

  • Beautycounter’s Website – Head to for their full range.
  • Authorized Retailers – Find them at stores like Neiman Marcus and Credo Beauty.
  • Independent Consultants – These folks can guide you through Beautycounter’s offerings.

Final Words

Sephora and Beautycounter, each unique in their beauty ethos, have cemented their industry status. Sephora’s inclusion of Beautycounter on its website bridges the gap between mainstream and clean beauty.

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