Does Victoria’s Secret Refill Perfume? All-out Guide

Victoria’s Secret, renowned for its exquisite beauty products and fragrances, offers a captivating range of perfumes. Discover if they offer perfume refills, ensuring your favorite scents stay with you longer while also being cost-effective. Explore this informative guide to satisfy your curiosity.

Understanding Victoria’s Secret Refilling Options

Victoria’s Secret has introduced three types of refillable perfumes, catering to diverse needs and preferences:

  1. Eau de Parfum Refill Bottles: These large bottles house concentrated fragrances, perfect for replenishing your favorite purse spray.
  2. Refill Me Kits: This innovative package offers a small purse spray along with a refill bottle, blending convenience with luxury.
  3. Rollerball Perfumes: For those on the move, these travel-friendly options ensure your favorite scent is always at hand.

Scents Available in Refillable Formats

A wide array of Victoria’s Secret’s signature fragrances are available in refillable formats, such as:

  • Bombshell
  • Dream Angels
  • Love Spell
  • Tease
  • Very Sexy
  • Bare Vanilla
  • Noir Tease

Limited-edition scents are also periodically released, offering exclusive experiences for fragrance enthusiasts.

The Refill Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

Refilling your perfume is as straightforward as Sephora Perfume Refilling:

  1. Prepare Your Tools: Gather the refill bottle, purse spray, and the included funnel.
  2. Find the Refill Opening: It’s usually concealed under the cap of the purse spray.
  3. Insert the Funnel: Position it firmly into the opening.
  4. Pour the Fragrance: Fill the purse spray carefully, avoiding overfilling.
  5. Seal the Bottle: Once filled, close the purse spray securely.
  6. Preserve Remaining Fragrance: Store the remaining perfume in a cool, dark place.

Additional Tips for a Perfect Refill

  • Always clean the funnel and nozzle with alcohol.
  • Recycle empty bottles responsibly.
  • Use excess perfume to refill smaller travel bottles.

Cost Of Refilling Victoria’s Secret Perfume

The cost of refilling and replenishing depends upon the specific perfumes you are buying:

Set ComponentsQuantityPriceCost per Refill (Based on Set)Additional Information
Refillable Purse Spray Case1$59.99 (bundled)**N/AGold metal embellished
$90.00 (separate)Available in various designs
Refill Cartridges7N/A$18.00 per cartridge30ml each
Full-Size Bottle Equivalent (30ml)1Varies by fragrance$30.00 – $50.00Varies by fragrance size and line (Bombshell Eau de Parfum 30ml = $30.00, Very Sexy Eau de Parfum 30ml = $50.00)

Victoria’s Secret 6-Piece Refillable Purse Perfum Spray

Victoria’s Secret offers a set of 6 alluring liquid beauty products for adults. Indulge in luxurious self-care with this collection, featuring a range of enticing scents and formulas to elevate your daily routine. Experience the ultimate in sensuality and glamour with Victoria’s Secret.

The Benefits of Choosing Refillable Perfume

Refillable perfumes offer several advantages:

  • Eco-Friendly: They significantly reduce waste, contributing to environmental sustainability.
  • Cost-Effective: Refills are more affordable than new purchases.
  • Convenient: Compact and travel-friendly, these bottles are perfect for on-the-go use.
  • Longevity: The larger quantity in refill bottles ensures a lasting fragrance experience.

Where to Find Victoria’s Secret Refillable Perfumes?

Refillable options are available at:

  • Victoria’s Secret Online Store
  • Select Victoria’s Secret Stores
  • Certain Department Stores and Beauty Retailers
  • Online Marketplaces like Amazon and eBay

Standing Out in the Fragrance Market

Victoria’s Secret refillable perfumes hold a unique position in the market. While other luxury brands like Chanel, Dior, and Jo Malone offer high-quality fragrances, Victoria’s Secret sets itself apart with a focus on sustainability and affordability.

The brand’s commitment to eco-friendly practices and providing a broad range of scents at a lower cost gives it a competitive edge. Moreover, the inclusion of limited-edition scents keeps the brand fresh and appealing to consumers looking for exclusivity.

Top Competitors of Victoria’s Secrets

In the competitive landscape of lingerie and intimate apparel, Victoria’s Secret faces strong competition from a variety of brands, each offering unique strengths and market approaches. Key competitors include:

  1. AAI (American Apparel, Inc.): Known for brands like Fruit of the Loom, Smart&Sexy, Curvy Couture, and Ariela, AAI recently enhanced its competitive edge with the acquisition of Parade.
  2. FullBeauty Brands, Inc.: A leader in size-inclusive fashion for plus-size women and men, FullBeauty owns over 100 brands and recently acquired ELOQUII and CUUP.
  3. Wacoal: This Japanese intimate apparel brand is known for innovation, recently introducing the Shape Revelation Collection offering shapewear and bras tailored to specific body shapes.
  4. Savage X Fenty: Founded by singer Rihanna, this brand is notable for its investment in FIT: MATCH technology, providing shoppers with perfect-fitting products based on body shape.
  5. ThirdLove: This American lingerie company focuses on size-inclusive bras and body positivity, partnering with Amazon for product distribution.
  6. Intimissimi: An Italian luxury clothing brand specializing in lingerie and expanding rapidly in the US market.
  7. SPANX: Known for shapewear and backed by prominent entrepreneurs, SPANX is expanding globally and diversifying its product line.
  8. Fruit of the Loom: One of America’s oldest clothing companies, it offers a wide range of apparel including lingerie.


Victoria’s Secret refillable perfumes blend luxury, sustainability, and practicality, offering a unique product in the fragrance market. With a variety of scents, easy refill processes, and environmental benefits, these perfumes cater to those seeking a sophisticated yet responsible fragrance experience. As the trend towards sustainability grows, Victoria’s Secret positions itself as a leader in eco-friendly luxury, making its refillable perfumes an attractive choice for modern consumers.

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