Are PFAS in Makeup?

PFAS in Makeup And Cosmetics

Yes, PFAS are found in many makeup products, including waterproof mascara, lipstick, and foundation, posing potential health and environmental risks. PFAS in makeup pose significant health and environmental risks. Consumers should use resources like the EWG Skin Deep database and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics to make informed, safer choices regarding their beauty products. PFAS, … Read more

What is the Most Popular Cornrow Hairstyle?

What are best Cornrows Hairstyle for Your Look?

The best cornrow hairstyle depends on personal preferences, hair type, and desired complexity, with popular options including jumbo cornrows, feed-in cornrows, intricate designs, and updos. These styles offer a mix of boldness, uniqueness, and functionality. 10 Top Cornrow Hairstyles for Your Iconic LOOK Cornrow hairstyles have a rich history and are deeply rooted in African … Read more

Sephora vs Ulta: A Showdown for Beauty Enthusiasts

Sephora vs Ulta: Which one is better?

Sephora and Ulta cater to makeup lovers but with slight differences. Sephora leans towards luxury brands and a wider variety of high-end skincare, while Ulta offers a mix of drugstore favorites and prestige brands at competitive prices. Both have excellent rewards programs, but Sephora’s might edge out with more exclusive perks. Sephora vs. Ulta: A … Read more