What is Macy’s Mattress Return/Exchange Policy?

Macy’s offers a 120-day mattress trial, with a return window starting 7 days after the trial ends, totaling 127 days from purchase. Returns must be undamaged, and you have 14 days to select a new mattress for store credit, minus fees. Delivery fees are non-refundable.

Unleash the Power of the 120-Day Dream Test

Embark on your sleep journey with Macy’s 120-day trial period, a grand invitation to explore the depths of comfort in your very own sanctuary. This extended trial isn’t just a test; it’s a voyage into the heart of your sleep experience. As you navigate the nuances of firmness and support, remember: if the mattress fails to cradle you into a state of bliss, Macy’s stands ready to pivot your journey toward satisfaction.

Seize the 7-Day Grace Window

Post-trial, Macy’s unfurls a 7-day grace period, allowing you to recalibrate your choice. Keep these key elements in mind:

  1. Pristine Condition: Return your mattress as you received it – unblemished and untouched by the trials of time.
  2. Original Packaging: Re-package your sleep vessel with care, safeguarding its journey back.

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Exploring Your Pathways to Comfort

1. Full Refund Within 30 Days

Within the initial 30-day window, you possess the power to reverse your decision. If your mattress doesn’t rise to the occasion, reclaim your investment, minus the delivery charges. This is your chance to reset and redefine your sleep space.

2. The 14-Day Exchange Privilege

Haven’t found your sleep soulmate? Macy’s offers a 14-day window to exchange your mattress for another. Consider Macy’s your cupid, aiming to align you with your perfect match.

3. Macy’s Credit

Beyond the 30-day mark, eligible returns transform into a store credit, paving the way for new sleep adventures. Macy’s invites you to a shopping experience that redefines your nights.

Transparency in Fees

Macy’s policy involves certain fees:

  • Return Fee: A fixed toll on your journey to the right mattress.
  • Cleaning Fee: For mattresses that return with signs of wear, a cleaning fee ensures they maintain their dignity.
  • Disposal Fee: In exceptional scenarios, a fee for the responsible farewell of non-returnable mattresses may apply.

Embarking on Your Return or Exchange

You can get help from these simple processes:

Online Process

Dive into the Macy’s Return Center online, an effortless digital path to revamp your sleep experience.

In-Store Guidance

Visit a Macy’s store with your receipt and packaging. Here, sleep experts await to tailor your journey to the perfect mattress.

The Sleep Hotline

Call 1-888-822-6229 for a seamless, personalized guide through your mattress metamorphosis.

Beyond the Return: Macy’s as Your Sleep Guardian

Macy’s extends its care beyond returns. Dive into their realm of resources, designed to escort you to your ideal sleep experience.

1. Mattress Guides and Reviews

Navigate through a sea of information on firmness, support, and cooling technologies. Macy’s website is your compass to the mattress that resonates with your unique needs.

2. The Virtual Try-On Experience

Engage with Macy’s innovative tool to discover mattresses attuned to your sleep preferences. It’s a digital journey to your dream sleep partner.

3. The Finishing Touch

Sometimes, a simple tweak with protectors or toppers is all it takes to perfect your sleep experience. Macy’s offers these accessories to fine-tune your rest.

4. Warranties and Protection Plans

Invest in peace of mind with Macy’s warranties and protection plans, ensuring your sleep sanctuary remains inviolable.

5. Expert Consultations

Still pondering your choices? Macy’s sleep experts are a call away, offering bespoke advice to guide your decisions.

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