What are Makeup Dupes? The ONLY Guide You Need to Read

Recently on Tiktok, I came across the Makeup Dupes brands and products so I thought to unveil the glamorous world of dupes. These enchanting alternatives are the secret keys to unlocking your dream looks without draining your wallet.

Whether you’re a trendsetter or a budget-savvy beauty lover, dive into the captivating realm of makeup dupes – where affordability meets allure, and high-end magic becomes accessible to all. Read this guide and know everything you need to know.

The global clean beauty market is projected to reach $13.4 billion by 2027, according to a 2021 study by Kline Market Research.

How Do You Explain Makeup Dupes?

“Knockoffs are a salient part of the fashion and beauty industries, and makeup dupes are the most recent imitations to rise in the marketplace. Makeup dupes, or inexpensive, drugstore substitutes for high-end makeup products, have become a staple in the beauty industry in recent years.”


Makeup dupes, derived from “duplicates,” refer to cosmetics products that closely resemble higher-priced items in terms of color, texture, and performance. These clever alternatives cater to individuals who seek affordability without compromising their beauty standards. Makeup enthusiasts can enjoy the thrill of discovering products that replicate the look of prestigious brands, all while staying within budget.

What does a product dupe mean?

Product dupes, short for duplicates, offer consumers a cost-effective solution that closely mimics the color, finish, and performance of pricier items. Found in both drugstore and high-end categories, these substitutes cater to those seeking quality without the premium price tag.

Diverse categories of product dupes include:

  • Makeup Dupes: Emulating high-end makeup, these alternatives offer similar shades, finish, and performance, catering to both drugstore and luxury preferences.
  • Clothing Dupes: Ideal for fashion enthusiasts, clothing dupes mirror the style and quality of pricier counterparts from fast fashion to high-end brands.
  • Shoe Dupes: Providing an accessible approach to fashionable footwear, shoe dupes mimic the style and quality of both budget-friendly and high-end options.
  • Accessories Dupes: Accessories enthusiasts can revel in dupes that replicate high-end accessory styles and quality across a wide price spectrum.

Types of Makeup Dupes

You can look for one of these dupes options and try to get the most reliable one:

Drugstore Dupes

Drugstore dupes are wallet-friendly options found in mass-market retailers that mimic the characteristics of higher-end products. Budget-conscious individuals can dabble in the latest trends and styles without financial strain. A drugstore foundation with a finish similar to a luxury brand’s product.

High-End Dupes

High-end dupes provide quality and performance akin to luxury cosmetics while being more budget-friendly. Offering a taste of luxury without the premium price tag, these dupes cater to those who desire quality without excessive expenditure. A high-end dupe for a designer lipstick shade at a fraction of the cost.

Indie Dupes

Indie dupes are created by small, independent brands, often offering unique shades and formulations at competitive prices. Independent brands cater to niche preferences, providing options that may not be found in mainstream products. A lesser-known indie brand offering a vibrant eyeshadow dupe not found in larger brands.

Quick Insights:

  1. Exact Dupes: These mimic the original product in shade, formula, and performance to an impressive degree.
  2. Close Dupes: These offer similar shades and effects, but may differ slightly in texture, longevity, or other aspects.
  3. Inspired Dupes: These share similar vibes or color profiles to the high-end product, but may not be direct replacements.

Benefits of Using Makeup Dupes

Dupes bring different advantages for makeup enthusiasts and upon testing, we found out that these are the most prudent pros of dupes:

Saving Money/ Budget Friendly

  • Economic Relief: Makeup dupes are a lifeline for budget-conscious individuals, allowing them to cut down on cosmetic expenses while still looking fabulous.
  • Financial Freedom: Regular makeup wearers can save a substantial amount over time by opting for affordable dupes.


  1. Trying New Trends: Makeup enthusiasts can experiment with various colors, textures, and styles without committing to a pricey product.
  2. Freedom to Explore: Dupes encourages users to step out of their comfort zone and explore different looks and aesthetics.


  1. Personalization: The diverse range of makeup dupes enables users to curate a collection that aligns perfectly with their skin tone, style, and preferences.
  2. Versatility: Individuals can build a comprehensive makeup collection without being constrained by budget limitations.

Cons of Choosing Dupes

You will face these issues if you will rely on dupes:

  1. Dupes often have lower quality, using cheaper ingredients that can irritate the skin and lead to uneven application.
  2. These products typically have a shorter shelf life, meaning they expire sooner and lose their effectiveness more rapidly.
  3. Ethical concerns arise with dupes, as they may support counterfeit production, exploit labor, and contribute to environmental harm.
  4. Color accuracy is often compromised in dupes, failing to exactly match the shades of the original products.
  5. Dupes tend to wear off quickly, leading to smudging or fading throughout the day.
  6. The range of shades available in dupes is usually limited, making it hard to find an exact match.
  7. Choosing dupes can be cost-effective but may involve compromising on quality and ethical standards.

Mastering the Art of Choosing Makeup Dupes

Now that we’ve established the perks of dupes, let’s delve into some pro tips to help you master the art of finding the best alternatives for your favorite products:

1. Research, Research, Research

When it comes to uncovering the perfect dupe, thorough research is your best friend. Scour online beauty communities, forums, and social media platforms for recommendations from fellow makeup enthusiasts. You’ll be surprised by the wealth of information available at your fingertips.

2. Compare Ingredients and Swatches

One of the secrets to spotting a remarkable dupe is comparing the ingredients and swatches of the original and the alternative. Pay close attention to color payoff, texture, and formulation. This will ensure that your chosen dupe replicates the qualities you love in the original product.

3. Trust Reliable Brands

Reputable brands specializing in dupes have mastered the art of recreating high-end magic. These brands invest in quality research and development to provide you with alternatives that perform just as well as the pricier options. Look for names you can trust in the world of affordable beauty.

Red Flag: Steer clear of suspiciously priced products from unfamiliar sources to avoid the risk of purchasing counterfeit items.

4. Read Reviews

Before making a purchase, take a moment to read reviews from individuals who have already tried the dupe. Their experiences can offer valuable insights into the dupe’s performance, longevity, and overall satisfaction. This step can save you from potential disappointments.

5. Embrace the Adventure

Exploring dupes is like embarking on an exciting adventure. Embrace the journey of discovering hidden gems that not only save you money but also introduce you to new favorites. With an open mind and a willingness to explore, you’ll uncover a world of affordable beauty possibilities.

Avoiding Fake Beauty Dupes

While cosmetics dupes offer a treasure trove of benefits, there’s a potential pitfall: counterfeit products. To avoid disappointment and potential harm to your skin, follow these steps:

  1. Thorough Research: Before purchasing a makeup dupe, conduct research. Read reviews from fellow consumers and seek out information from reliable sources to ensure the legitimacy of the product.
  2. Reputable Sellers: Purchase your dupes from trustworthy sellers. This includes established drugstores, department stores, and reputable online retailers. Avoid suspiciously low-priced products from unknown sources.
  3. Packaging Clues: Counterfeit dupes often exhibit poor packaging quality. Look for well-crafted packaging with clear labels and branding, as counterfeit products are more likely to have discrepancies in these areas.

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Must-Try Makeup Dupes

Here are a few of the best makeup dupe options that you can rely on:

1. Iconic Lipstick Dupes

  • MAC Ruby Woo vs. Maybelline Red Revival: Indulge in the classic red lip look with Maybelline’s budget-friendly alternative to MAC’s Ruby Woo. The sultry red hue remains intact, leaving your lips looking fierce and fabulous.
  • NARS Orgasm vs. Milani Luminoso: Get that coveted peachy-pink glow with Milani’s Luminoso blush. It’s a dead ringer for NARS Orgasm at a fraction of the cost.

You can also get your hands on Best Clinique Even Better Foundation Dupes

2. High-End Eyeshadow Palettes

  • Urban Decay Naked Palette vs. ColourPop Fame Palette: Urban Decay’s Naked Palette set the bar high, but ColourPop’s Fame Palette rises to the challenge. With a stunning array of neutral shades, you can craft versatile eye looks without the premium price tag.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance vs. Makeup Revolution Re-Loaded Velvet Rose: Unleash your inner artist with Makeup Revolution’s Velvet Rose palette. It captures the warm, romantic tones of ABH’s Modern Renaissance, giving you endless creative possibilities.

Is it wrong to buy dupes?

The question of whether purchasing makeup dupes is ethically sound is multifaceted, encompassing factors like counterfeiting ethics, dupe quality, and implications for the original brand.

The Counterfeiting Conundrum

Counterfeiting, involving unauthorized replication of products and associated trademarks, raises legal and ethical concerns globally. Though not exact replicas, some argue that buying dupes indirectly supports counterfeiting by fueling demand for imitation products. In contrast, others contend that dupes diverge sufficiently to circumvent counterfeiting issues, yet the line remains blurry.

Quality Matters: The Dupe’s Performance

Varying in quality, cosmetic dupes can either mirror or diverge from the original product’s performance. Researching the dupe’s quality beforehand is imperative to ensure a satisfactory outcome.

Original Brand Impact

Buying dupes can impact the original brand financially and reputationally. Financially, patronizing dupes siphon potential revenue from the original brand, hampering its innovation and growth. Poor-quality dupes can also tarnish the brand’s reputation, reflecting negatively on its image.

Are makeup dupes legal?

The legality of makeup dupes is a nuanced issue. While exact formula or packaging replication is illegal, creating similar products with unique branding is generally permissible. Protected aspects include trademarks and patented formulas.

Notably, 83% of consumers view trademarks as vital, per the International Trademark Association. In the US, cosmetics patents are rare (1.4% in 2022), yet infringing on them is unlawful. Surveys reveal the increment in demand for affordable makeup alternatives (62% of Gen Z consumers) and unique ingredients. Transparency and quality standards, supported by consumer preferences, also guide ethical dupe production.

Final Thoughts

As you venture into the bewitching realm of makeup dupes, remember: that beauty has no price tag. Unleash your inner artist, exude confidence, and watch as your makeup game reaches new heights without compromising your wallet. Embrace the allure of dupes – where enchantment and elegance dance hand in hand.

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