11 Best Mason Pearson Brush Dupes

Affordable alternatives to Mason Pearson hair brushes include the Denman D81M, Briogeo Vegan Boar Bristle, Wet Brush Original Shine Enhancer, Tangle Teezer The Original, Acure Natural Bristle, Jessicurl Gentle, Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ion Boar Bristle, The Body Shop Shine Assist Paddle, John Frieda Frizz Ease Paddle, Goody Shine Assortment Cushion, and TEASER Blow-Styling Round, suitable for various hair types and needs.

Our Top Recommendations

Every brush dupe has its pros and cons that differentiate them from one another. However, some dupes have all the best and similar qualities that relate to the original one.

For this, I decided to share the following top recommendations for the best hair brush dupes.

  • Denman D81L Large Hair Brush – Overall Best 
  • Beauty by Earth Boar Bristle Hair Brush – Best Mason Pearson brush dupe for Curly hair
  • Olivia Garden NanoThermic Ceramic + Ion Hair Brush –  Mason Pearson brush dupe

Review of Best Hair Brush dupe

I am doing a review for the best brush dupes that are personally used and experienced by me. All the following dupes are authentic and somehow popular by their names. On top of that, the following brush dupes are less pricey than the original ones.

Hair brushes come in two kinds of bristles; nylon and boar bristles. Both work differently and provide your hair with excellent results. Nylon bristles are designed to easily glide through the hairs and detangle every hair to make your hair texture smooth. Boar bristles are comparable in design to human hair and contain a similar protein as human, Keratin. 

Original Product: Mason Pearson Junior Hair Brush

Key Features and Specifications

  • Color: Black
  • Shape: oval 
  • Bristle material: boar and nylon
  • Size: junior
  • Hair type: all

Special feature: unique elastic pad cushion that is effective in brushing. Kind to use and delicately massage the scalp.

Unboxing: It makes me wonder if somebody does not know about Mason Pearson. I ordered a luxury Mason Pearson Junior Hair Brush and received it in very good packaging. Beautiful box with red velvet inside so the brush was nicely laid down and a wooden back. Moreover, there was also a funky little cleaning brush inside the box. 

It was not to pull the hair out but if you want to clean your brush, you do not dunk the brush into the water. You put the cleaning brush into the soapy water and clean it out by slightly rubbing the bristles and it cleans the brush which is pretty cool. At the end of the handle, Mason Pearson was engraved in gold.

The Mason Pearson junior has a combination of nylon and boar bristles that were really delicate however sufficient to detangle my wavy hair. The boar bristles are more for coarse hair and nylon bristles are best for fine hair.

Nylon bristles are responsible for conveying natural hair oils from root to tip which means my hair will be more manageable and healthier. It was delicate on my scalp and my strands which resulted in not pulling out pieces of my thin hair along the way.

When I used this brush it actually made a huge difference because I had the Tangle Teezer before and it was wonderful. It did not pull on my hair and detangle my hair but it does not have the quality. Mason Pearson hair brush is worth getting.

Most people have trouble brushing their hair. So I recommend them to give it a try because it’s not really pulled on your hair. Additionally, you can get rid of knots and tangles in a jiffy in 2 seconds without the pain. 

I would like a pocket-size brush because I like to bring it in my handbag. When I brushed my hair, it fluffed up and revived. Moreover, it gave my hair body like injecting my hair with air. 

To give my hair volume and thickness, I flipped my head over and brushed my hair from the back of my head all the way down to the length because most of the oils that we produce are at the back of our head. By doing this, the oils spread all over the hair. I brushed in the middle for a long time and then I went up to the sides of my head. 

It actually pumped air into my hair and doubled the texture of my hair. It actually amazed me when I first did this, it insanely gave my hair volume and body which I consider does not happen with any other brushes. The more you brush your hair the more it looks nicer. 

It also did an amazing job at teasing. I took a little strand and started teasing. You do not want to poke too much into the hair just have it a little bit loose and then go back and brush it out for a perfect backcombing look. This literally makes my boring flat hair look like a lot of shine and silkiness.

I did this and it beautifully revived my hair and gave them texture making my hair alive. Moreover, given my hair luminosity because when I brushed it on the back of my head the oil distributed to the length of my hair and made my hair beautiful. 


  • The brush has a good quality also it is a mixture of boar and nylon bristles that feels so good on the scalp and provides it massaging and exfoliation.
  • It works as a root booster and nourishes your hair in no time while distributing the oils all over the hair.
  • Easily detangle the knots of hair without damaging it.
  • A cleaning brush comes inside the box to remove the dust and scales.


  • The writing over the brush fades away quickly.
  • Price is really high.

Final Verdict 

This is without any doubt a higher-end hair brush however it is the best one. The shine and the silkiness that this brush gives to my hair is worth the price moreover It makes my hair look more presentable and beautiful. Mason Person brushes come in 4 different sizes and within each size, there are other sizes and options. This junior boar and nylon mix brush is the best for normal to thick hair.

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Denman D81L Large Hair Brush

Key Features and Specifications

  • Color: black
  • Shape: oval
  • Bristle material: boar
  • Hair type: all
  • Size: large
  • Product benefit: smoothing

Unboxing: To give my slightly wavy hair a soft and defined look, I ordered a Denman D81L Large hair brush. It comes in a paper box. The brush is set in an air-cushioned pad for extreme comfort. The brush is responsible for allowing a glossy finish with the boar bristles. Boar bristles stimulate blood flow to the hair follicle and clean it out. And then it stimulates the sebum and oil from the roots all the way down to the hair.

I washed my hair and used this brush on my wet hair to curl them. I applied a gel to my wavy hair. The key to brush styling for me is tension so I did a ribbon technique to give my hair volume and definition. 

I took a decent amount of my hair and ran the brush into my hair and twisted the brush slightly at the end. This really created nice ribbons. I did a scrunch method to add more volume and shape to my hair. I did some pieces forward and back to get a variety.

Denman brush was really helpful in detangling my hair and making it softer. The curls looked really beautiful and it gave my underneath hair a more defined look as I have a slight bend and looks mostly straight. But it allows my hair a perfect bouncy coil ringlet. 

The brush gave me nice curly hair but it still did not give me a crazy amount of volume at the top of my hair. It added volume and definition but I noticed the clumps falling near the front of my hair. So, I took my finger underneath the roots and shook it well for a more dense texture. I really felt the clumps this brush gave to my hair were so perfect and amazing.

This brush helped me to get the styling that I wanted faster. I loved the way my hair was clumping together. It was really nice. I did not think it works out this amazing but it really makes pretty clumps however the first impression was absolutely beautiful. 


  • It is lightweight with natural bristles that glide smoothly over the hair to make them shiny by bringing out the hair’s own oil.
  •  Helps in reducing the frizz, straightening the hair and detangling.
  • This brush allows hair clumpy definition and volume.
  • The tension on this brush is perfect and makes styling simple and quick.


  • It does not give the focused definition and volume that one seeks.
  • For coarse hair, this brush does not perform well.

Final Verdict | Brush comparable to Mason Pearson

Overall, the Denman D81L Large Hair brush is super fabulous allowing volume and definite texture to the hair. Moreover, it is made from high-quality materials that last longer. This brush makes my hair super soft with its boar bristles. It is best for all hair types and is really helpful in regaining the shine of the hair while detangling the knots in the hair.

URTHEONE Boar Bristle Hair Brush

Key Features and Specifications

  • Color: natural wood
  • Shape: rectangular
  • Bristle material: boar bristles with nylon pins
  • Hair type: all

Unboxing: I ordered this brush after reading all the positive reviews on social media. I received my order and opened the package. The hair brush packaging was sturdy and impressive. It seems to me like a luxury higher-end brush. Upon unboxing, it comes in a cardboard box and a tooth tail comb inside it.

This URTHEONE hair brush has boar bristles with nylon pins. Boar bristles help to make hair smooth and shiny while nylon pins make it easy to glide over the coarse hair. The wood handle was balanced and easy for gripping.  On the back of the brush, a butterfly was embossed on it.

I brushed it over my tangled hair, and to my amazement, it gently detangled my hair and removed every stubborn knot. As I was brushing my hair, I observed it massaging my scalps and stimulating the blood flow. This brush made my hair look smooth and healthier. On top of that, it brings the oils of the hairs and makes them super soft and silky. 

The URTHEONE brush removes frizziness effortlessly and works for a variety of hair types. Wild bristles are recognised as the thinnest and straightest natural material in the world. It is most similar to human hair. I used it twice a day. I wrapped my hair around the brush and pulled gently to create the curls.

The skin feels comfortable when fully touching the epidermis moreover it spreads nourishing oil from the scalp all along the length of your hair. It did not cause static in my hair. I use tools or tweezers to gently lift out the hairs from the bristles. This brush is like a game changer.

The wide tooth combing brush is used for detangling, cleaning, parting and backcombing the hair. I used it for sectioning and styling my hair. The soft bristles really made it easy. 

It has a variety of brushes that are suitable for different hair also the material used varies from this one. I had tried their Curved Brush which was more for styling and curling. It was made of ABS plastic and suitable for every hair. 

Although it has plastic bristles still it is best while blow drying and curling the hair. It is handy and has a comfortable grip. But the thing which I did not like about it was tangling my hair. My hair got stuck every time when I combed because of the zig-zag pattern over the brush. Moreover, it causes breakage of my hair. 

Product benefits: detangling, smoothing, massaging, stimulation, distributing oil, enhancing shine, promoting hair growth, anti-breakage, anti-dandruff, sectioning and styling.


  • It is handy and responsible to give shine and a smooth finish to hair without causing breakage of hair.
  • The quality is really impressive. Also, the brush bristles are like human hair that amazingly glide over the tangle’s hair and stimulate the blood flow.
  • Helpful in massaging the scalp and pulling the oil from the hair.
  • Does not hurt for curly hair as it is best for all hair types.


  • This brush brings a lot of oil and shines which everyone does not like.
  • It has some kind of woody smell that is actually not a pleasant thing.

Final Verdict

To sum up, this hair brush is amazing and glides smoothly without much resistance. The brush has a good quality that makes it equivalent to luxury hair brands. Moreover, it is suitable for every hair type and you can straighten and curl your hair according to your desire. The more you brush it over your hair, the more oil and shine it gives to your hair. 

Spornette DeVille Cushion Oval Boar Bristle Hair Brush

Key Features and Specifications

  • Color: wood
  • Shape: oval
  • Bristle material: boar bristles
  • Handle material: wood
  • Product benefit: detangle
  • Hair type: wavy, curly, textured hair, straight

Unboxing: I had a scalp problem and was always in search of a good hair brush that makes my hair alive and breathable. I was searching about it and then suddenly my eyes fell on the Spornette DeVille Cushion Oval Boar Bristle Hair Brush. It promises to give shine to your hair and get rid of the scale. Without wasting any minute, I hit the orders button and after two days I received my order. 

The Boar bristles are responsible for nourishing the sebum in the hair. As I have thick hair, I tried out many hair brushes but none of them are good enough for my hair. When I used it for the first time, I noticed it pulled my hair and also did not detangle my hair. 

But after using it for a week, it did an amazing job like wow. I observed my hair looking shinier. Moreover, it reaches my scalp which brings out the oils and distributes them all over my hair. This brush needs to be used on small segments of hair, beginning from the scalp to the furthest limit of the hair to get the advantages of sebum distribution. 

If you are buying a boar brush you must know how to use it and what the purpose is. Most people do not know how boar bristle brushes work and then they blame the company and the brushes. This brush is wonderful for the conveyance of the sebum but not for styling purposes. 

As we all know boar bristles are responsible for the oil distribution and really feel good on the scalp. But it is not best for getting knot outs and really pulling your hair and causing breakage. 

I have used their Deville Sculpting hair brush and it was amazing too. The brush is handy, sturdy and lightweight and ideal for styling and blowouts. The cushion paddle made it softer on the scalp which does not cause pulling hair. I have known some people who used this brush on their animals and it really did fabulous work on their skin.

This brush has an unpleasant smell that is expected from the wooden brush also with boar bristles. But washing it a couple of times, they do not stink. Additionally, boar bristles are close to human hairs so they create static. Do not throw it after first use. It requires a multi-week to be covered with scalp oil and then you see the new hair development and also it comes to pleasantly work the scalp. 

One thing I observed about this hair brush is that it is not best for coarse hair. It actually does not brush through and detangles and causes a great mess. I used a separate comb for brushing my hair. 


  • This lightweight hair brush goes into your hair scalp and nourishes your hair with your own hair sebum.
  • It is responsible for removing flakes and scaling from your hair without pulling and irritating them.
  • Spornette hair brush has perfect strength and massages your scalp in order to make them smooth and shiny.


  • Due to wood material and boar bristles, it has a bad smell.
  • It does not work best on coarse and thick hair.
  • Does not detangle and knot out hair. 

Final Verdict

The 100% natural boar bristles are strong enough to stimulate the sebum and massage the scalps in order to make hair smooth and give them definite texture and volume. This is a great and soft brush but not a detangler. As a matter of fact, I need to put a lot of pressure to get the brush to go through my hair. Moreover, it is not suitable for coarse hair as it pulls hard on thick hair.

Belula Premium Boar Bristle Hair Brush

Key Features and Specifications

  • Shape: oval
  • Handle material: wood
  • Bristle material: boar bristles
  • Special feature: never tested on animals, travel size, organic, natural ingredients, homeopathic
  • Product benefits: shine enhancing, distributing oil, scalp stimulation, detangling, sectioning, anti-breakage, anti-frizz

Unboxing: This is a new hair brush I ordered. I opened the package, there was an instruction card and then a soft cotton headband that has velcro so it fits on everyone’s head. Afterwards, the hair brush with boar bristles and plastic caps at the end felt so nice. It came with a little comb for styling and also was made of wood as well. Moreover, it had a travel bag inside so you can easily take it while traveling. 

What the boar bristles do, it gets into your hair and up the grease and oil that naturally occurs in your hair. It spreads down from the root to the tip of your hair so you have shine in your hair. Additionally,  the plastic caps separate and detangle the hair and are responsible for the spreading of the natural oils down my hair to give them a glow and healthier look.

I grabbed this brush and started brushing over my hair in order to detangle and provide a divine scalp massage to my hair. To my surprise, the brush soothes my scaly scalp and knots out my hair without much resistance and pulling.

This brush is responsible for providing hair natural oil. Your hair oil is working as an anti-frizz serum. Brushing your hair for 2-5 minutes surely brings out all the natural oil and spreads it all over the hair to give them a lustrous shine.

Having silky and shiny hair boosts your confidence. I brushed my hair twice a day to allow them a bouncy volume and more texture. I noticed that my hair became a shiny and extraordinary body and all the greasy texture that was once always on my front hair dissolved. It gives my hair a strong volume that holds my hair back from adhering to my scalp and keeps my hair set up without a hair splash.

It did produce static on my hair.  I simply tame the static with my hand and voila I love it.  keeps my hair from sticking to the scalp moreover keeps my hair in its place. This brush is so delicate that it feels like a breeze over my hair.


  • A sturdy, lightweight wood hair brush is good for detangling your hair without pulling them.
  • The brush helps to bring out the natural sebum of the oil that spreads all over the hair and makes your hair shiny and smooth.
  • Providing hair absolute texture and amazing volume for a long day.
  • A quality product with 100% boar bristles and cruelty-free.
  • It reaches the scalp and takes out all the anti-frizz serum from your hair that makes hair healthier, softer and conditioned.


  • Does not work best on thick hair.
  • Have an unpleasant smell due to the wood material.

Final Verdict

I have used this Belula Premium Boar Bristle Hair Brush on my wet hair and it gave a beautiful finish. Moreover, it easily detangles my hair without much force. The brush was half of the fraction but did an amazing job on my hair. However, it is not suitable for coarse and thick hair. 

MIŠEL Professional Styling Boar Bristle HairBrush

Key Features and Specifications

Color: black

Shape: oval

Bristle material: boar and nylon

Handle material: plastic

Products benefit: detangling, smoothening and breakage

Unboxing: Who wants to go to the salon every other day for curling hair? Absolutely no one. I came across MISEL Professional Styling Boar Bristle HairBrush and ordered this beauty. I received my package and started to unpack it. It came with a cleaning brush too.

The brush has both Boar and Nylon bristles that help the hair to grow faster and make it healthier and shiny. The flexible nylon pins smoothly glide on the hair without pulling them. Moreover, the cushioned paddle was made of soft cotton.

I grabbed the brush and started to brush through my hair. At first, I felt a bit of static. But then, using it several times, the brush settled down my hair. It might be because the brush bristles started to bring out my hair’s natural sebum and it made my hair smooth and fine.

Boar bristles help scalps by massaging and taking out the sebum oil. The natural oil that is best for anti-frizz and responsible for healthy and shiny hair. On the contrary, the nylon bristles are designed to easily glide through the hair without pulling them.

The brush itself seems to be well made. I used it for curling my hair and it was astonishing to roll my hair for a whole day. The bristles are unified enough together that helps the hair to adjust any shape.

The bristles help to detangle the hair moreover it provides your hair with a luscious volume and luxurious scalp massage. It claims to be less breakage and hair loss prevention. This brush is not best for traveling because of its large size. I would love it if they had a small size brush. 

The cleaning brush that came with the brush is really fabulous. I clean out my hairbrush using this. It took all the dirt and leftover hair that stuck inside the brush and made my brush clean and new.


  • Made up of both boar and nylon bristles that fast hair growth as well as make hair smooth and healthy.
  • The plastic material made the brush lightweight so it can be easily used while styling.
  • Easily glides through the hair and detangles every knot without pulling and breaking them.
  • MISEL brush is half of the fraction with good quality packaging and product.


  • Due to its large size, it is not travel-friendly.
  • The plastic handle breaks easily.
  • Padding of the brush is not sturdy and strong and is easily pulled off when used on thick hair.
  • It is not suitable for high heat blow drys.

Final Verdict

It is a good hairbrush dupe except for two or three things that made it less at least to me. The brush bristles are strong which stimulates the blood flow and additionally distributes the hair oil from the root to the tip so that all the hair nourishes naturally. You can opt for this to make various hairstyles.

Beauty by Earth Boar Bristle Hair Brush

Key Features and Specifications 

Shape: oval

Bristle material: boar bristles with nylon pins/caps

Handle material: bamboo

Special feature: 100% cruelty-free and travel-size

Product benefits: scalp stimulation, detangling, improving hair health, fewer split ends

Unboxing: The name caught my attention as I was scrolling down through social media. I ordered and received my package. I quickly unpacked the sealing and grabbed the hairbrush. I ordered it in Boar Bristle because I had flaky hair, and it often became frizzy.

What’s so amazing about this brush is that it is made from a hundred percent bamboo. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable resources. The bristles are made up of boar and pins are made of nylon that helps hair tear-free and tangle-free. 

When I brushed my hair, it smoothly glided through my hair without breaking them. On top of that, the brush massaged my scalp and stimulated the blood flow.  This brush helped to take the natural oil the scalp produces and took them down to dry brittle hair ends. This makes hair healthier, less frizzy, better conditioned, and less prone to breakage. 

I noticed that it was gentle on my hair and I felt no static. It was not difficult to hold it got out one of the knots and it made my hair smooth. I have thick wavy hair and I had the option to utilize this brush to style it. 

I also have tried Beauty by Earth Detangling Brush. This brush is specifically for tangled hair. It has bristles that are rigid enough to work through knots while flexible to keep my hair from pulling and breaking. It is suitable for every hair type. 

But the detangle brush did give my hair the shiny and smooth look that I wanted. So, I used boar bristle which is awesome to keep my hair looking shiny and healthy. The bristles feel good on the scalp moreover it helps to reduce breakage. 


  • When gliding through hair, it feels so good on the scalp moreover it stimulates blood flow.
  • The boar brush is responsible for shiny and healthier hair by brushing several times.
  • It improves hair health and also increases hair length by lessening split ends.
  • The nylon caps detangle and smooth the hair.


  • It has a chemical and wood smell.
  • This brush does not go for a long time.
  • Nylon caps come off easily and hurt the head and pull them hard.

Final Verdict

It is the perfect hairbrush to smooth out your hair and tenderly detangle and unknot even on the driest hair. The shape of this brush is perfect and travel-friendly. I recommend it to all those people who are facing difficulty with hairbrushes because this brush is undoubtedly wonderful. Moreover, the cost of this brush is very fair. The only defect that I noticed was the nylon caps easily came off.

Olivia Garden NanoThermic Ceramic + Ion Hair Brush

Key Features and Specifications

Color: gold

Shape: oval

Bristle material: boar bristles with nylon caps

Hair type: all

Product benefits: a combination of boar and ionic bristles. Soft and gentle cushion and bristle. Control flyaways and achieve a shiny finish.

Unboxing: I had my heart set on Mason Pearson, so I researched for comparative choices at a lower price tag, and an article referenced this brush. I was so charmingly shocked. The Olivia Garden Nano Thermic Ceramic + Ion Hair Brush was all I wanted at that time. It claims to nourish hair without breakage. 

This brush has boar bristles with nylon caps and both are responsible for the luscious healthy and shiny-looking hair. I brushed my hair and loved it. It left my hair so glossy, delicate, and volumized. The way this thing circulates the oil makes it look spotless and healthy. 

This brush stimulates blood flow which increases hair growth and makes the hair healthier. Because if your scalp would be healthy your hair would be healthy and this brush does that.

The brush can be used with or without heat. I wet my hair and started to brush. In no time, my hair set and there was no puffing and frizzing. Moreover, my hair looks more shiny and smooth.

Due to the Ion charged cushion, the hairbrush did not static on my hair, additionally tender on the hair and scalp. I consider it an ideal brush for detangling, and styling hair. The brush has a unique handle design that makes it close to luxury hair brushes.


  • Give hair a smooth and shiny finish moreover eliminate the frizz of the hair.
  • The ionic-charged bristles hydrate the cuticles and make them healthy.
  • It is a lightweight hairbrush you can make hairstyles effortlessly.
  • This brush is half of the fraction.


  • The tips of the bristles come off easily and are painful to use.
  • The brush has too many bristles that make it hard to clean.

Final Verdict

I find it quite affordable. The brush is lightweight but feels sturdy on hand. Its boar bristles produce natural oil from the hair from the scalp to the bottom. Moreover, it makes the hair glossy and healthy. It is best for every hair type and you can opt for this for making different hairstyles.

Spornette Boar and Nylon Bristle Oval Brush

Key Features and Specifications 

Color: Black

Shape: oval

Hair type: all

Handle material: rubber

Product benefits: smoothing

Unboxing: I received it in good packaging and the sealing was perfect. I ordered it because of the boar and nylon bristles and I love to use a brush which has both. Searching for other drugstore hair brushes, I opted for this one.

The name of the company was written on both the front and back sides of the brush. The brush has both boar and nylon bristles. The nylon bristles are longer than boar which makes it more straightforward for the bristle tuft to detangle. On the contrary, the boar bristles allow softening, gloss and smoothness.

When I used this brush, I observed the bristles were strong enough to reach my scalp and massaged it. This process helped the scalp to produce the sebum from the hair and through brushing, it distributed my overall hair. 

The Spornette Boar and Nylon Bristle Oval Brush have a soft cushion paddle. The cushion is vented with an air opening so that air can flow under the elastic. Moreover, this permits the brush to dry out totally and utilizes and kills bacteria development, keeping it spotless and protected.

The brush had felt pleasant on my scalp. The bristles are stiff enough to comb my hair. brushing for 3-5 minutes gave my hair a shiny look. It seems like I have been using the Spornette brush for a long time as it is perfect for my thick hair. It did not tear my hair out and easily detangles my hair. 

This brush is helpful for those who have itching scalp problems. Brushing hair using this product brings out the anti-frizz serum that gives oil to the hair makes it smooth and reduces itching.


  • Both boar and nylon bristles are responsible for stimulating blood circulation and hair growth.
  • Brushing hair with this brush makes hair smooth and glossy.
  • It doubles the volume of the hair and also gives a defined texture.
  • It is cheap and affordable.


  • The size of this brush is large which is not travel-friendly.
  • Brush causes static and bristles are rigid.

Final Verdict

As I have mentioned above, this product is amazing and it is worth every penny. The brush is much similar to a Mason Pearson hairbrush but the thing that differentiates it causes static on the hair. Moreover, the handle is thin and difficult to hold. However, it maintains hair growth and does not pull the hair.

SHASH Nylon Boar Bristle Brush

Unboxing: I received SHASH Nylon Boar Bristle Brush in jaw-dropped packaging. It came in a cardboard box. I opened the box and took out the brush. The name of the brand was written on the handle. 

Because of the boar bristles, they promote new hair development and make them super strong. The nylon bristles helped to easily glide over my hair and make them smooth. It effortlessly brushes my hair and detangles every knot without much resistance.

Most people are suffering from pain when they comb their hair. I recommend them to try this product and you will love it. The bristles do their job so nicely and painlessly that you feel so good. 

This brush has an elastic yet durable orange cushion that is responsible for not pulling the hair. Moreover, the ultra-fine bristles and nylon pins add volume without frizzing the hair and give hair conditioning, hydration, and smoothness.

The bristles delicately massaged my scalp eliminated development and facilitated irritation. The handle is easy to grip so you can easily make a hairstyle. Furthermore, it carries the hair sebum to the ends of the hair and nourishes them.

Key Features and Specifications 

Color: Black

Shape: oval

Handle material: wood

Bristle material: boar bristles and nylon pins

Product benefits: hydrating, softening, conditioning, detangling, smoothening

Hair type: curly, fine, normal, thick, straight


  • An amazing hair brush that makes hair shiny and healthier and does not break hair.
  • Scalp feels good when combed with this brush as it brings out all the oil and takes it to the bottom length of the hair.
  • The nylon bristles detangle all the knots without pulling the hair and make them soft and smooth. Moreover, it minimizes flaking and itching.
  • It can be used on wet as well as dry hair.


  • The bristles are stiff and hard on thick hair.
  • It creates puffiness in the hair.

Final Verdict

This product is such a good dupe despite some drawbacks. It helps to maintain hair growth and gives them a healthy and shiny look. This brush smoothes the hair by detangling every knot of the hair. It is not best for thick and coarse hair.

Natemia Boar Bristle Wooden Hair Brush

Unboxing: Everyone wants a dupe that is similar to the higher-end product. I googled and found Natemia Boar Bristle Wooden Hair Brush which is quite similar to Mason Pearson. I ordered and received my package. It came in a cardboard box and there was a comb and brush inside it. The comb can be used for styling the hair.

The brush is made with natural beech wood. Moreover, the name is written on the comb by laser printing. The brush has boar bristles that help to stimulate blood circulation so it increases the growth of the hair. 

The 100% boar bristles are responsible for unclogging pores and removing knots. Fine bristles produce the hair sebum and distribute it to all hairs so that they shine and look healthier. Although it has soft and fine bristles it causes breakage of the hair.

I used this brush on my wet hair and it did an excellent job. After combing, my hair looked so glossy and pretty. All due to the boar bristles that take out all the natural oil from the scalp and spread to every strand of the hair.

Natemia hair brush has strong yet soft boar bristles that detangle hair and increase the volume of the hair by giving them definite texture. Furthermore, it does not make puffiness in the hair but is smooth and flat.

The brush is sturdy and of good quality. The bristles are short and not good enough for thick and coarse hair. Moreover, the comb has fine teeth which means it is not hard on the scalp. It restores the natural condition and also reduces the frizz of the hair by providing them with a shiny texture.

Key Features and Specifications

Shape: big kids set

Handle material: wood

Bristle material: boar

Product benefits: breakage, detangle

Hair type: all 


  • The Natemia hairbrush nourishes hair by allowing them natural hair oil that makes them glossy and beautiful.
  • It has boar bristles that are responsible for blood flow and also increase the length of the hair.
  • The ultra-fine bristles gently glide through the hair without much force.
  • It is affordable and travel-friendly.


  • The wood material gives an unpleasant smell.
  • Boar bristles are short and could not reach the roots of the hair.
  • This hairbrush is not suitable for thick hair.

Final Verdict

This product is the best dupe but due to its short bristles, it does not perform well. The hairbrush has the all amazing qualities that one seeks in a dupe. You can opt for this brush if you do not have coarse hair because it works superbly on thin and straight hair.

Sinide Olive Wood Boar Bristle Hair Brush

Unboxing: Even though this was not the very thing I was searching for. I ordered and received my package. I grabbed the hairbrush and the size of the brush that I was seeking. The hairbrush is crafted with olive wood and boar bristles with nylon pins. 

The day I used this brush over my hair, Voila it felt so relaxing. The bristles are soft and tender. It gave my scalp a needed massage and all the oil came out making my hair glossy and healthier. It did not cause static.

The body of this Sindie Olive Wood Boar Bristle Hair Brush is handy. This brush does not pull or damage. It removed my light perm right from my hair and left it straight, which was an intriguing aftereffect. 

Cushion of this brush is soft yet strong as it does not take out from the inner holder space of the brush. Moreover, the bristles are also well built and strongly fit in the cushion pad.

It smoothly detangled my hair without pulling. The boar bristles were not harsh on the scalp and also promote blood circulation which results in hair growth. This brush in a real sense makes my hair smoother and shinier. Indeed, I utilized “in a real sense” accurately. 

Key Features and Specifications

Shape: oval

Handle material: wood

Bristle material: boar bristles with nylon pins

Products benefits: detangling and smoothing

Hair type: wavy, curly, thick, thin


  • The mixing of boar and nylon bristles allows hair shiny and smooth texture.
  • The soft bristles help to spread the oil from the scalp to the tail and smooth out the stubborn and furious hair.
  • It is responsible for reducing hair loss and maintaining hair growth.
  • This hairbrush is travel-friendly and crafted with olive wood.


  • The nylon pins come off easily. 

Final Verdict

The combination of the boar and nylon bristles is perfect for your hair. It makes hair look nicer and also detangles the hair without pulling it. This brush is handy and inexpensive. Bristles help to bring out all the oil and spread it all over the hair. 

Buying Guide

You are going to buy a hairbrush and do not know how boar and nylon bristles work separately and individually OR how better they perform when mixed in one brush. You must know the bristles and the cushion pad to get a hairbrush. For your ease, I am going to demonstrate this in the buying guide. 

Nylon Bristles

Nylon bristles put down bacterial development and oppose most acids. It is responsible for the non-shedding of hair. They are durable and smoothly glide through the hair and gently detangle knots without pulling them harshly.

Boar Bristles

Boar bristles stimulate the blood flow to the hair follicles. Then, it distributes the sebum, natural oil from the scalp down the strands of the hair and is a natural conditioner for your hair. It promotes hair growth and maintenance of the hair as well. Moreover, It is a great product for massaging the scalp.

Cushion brush vs. paddle brush

The cushion brush has a delicate elastic base and firm wire with plastic bristles. The stiff bristles are powerful at massaging the scalp and good for brushing out dandruff. While on the other hand, a paddle brush has a wide and flat handle with an air-filled cushion and plastic bristles. It is flexible which means it helps detangle and smooth the hair.

Material for the Brush

Must know about the material of the brush from which it is crafted. Plastic material causes static in the hair. So I recommend always hands down on carbon, titanium, flexible nylon, or natural bristle brushes. Natural bristles are better because they have the same texture or surface as human hair and are also soft and smooth for the hair.

Top brands for Brush Dupes

For your convenience, I pen down some top brands for brush dupes so you can easily search and pick out your favorite among them.

  • Fromm The Intuition Glosser Boar Bristle Brush
  • Conair Velvet Touch Hair Brush
  • Olivia Garden NanoThermic Ceramic + Ion Hair Brush
  • Belula Premium Boar Bristle Hair Brush
  • Goody straight Talk Boar Bristle hair brush at Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Leonor Greyl Natural Boar Bristle Brush at Neiman Marcus
  • MIŠEL Professional Styling Boar Bristle HairBrush
  • Black Egg Boar Bristle Brush
  • Leonor Greyl Natural Boar Bristle Brush
  • Raincry Condition Large Pure Boar Bristle Brush
  • Drybar Texas Tease Teasing Brush


What brush is comparable to Mason Pearson?

Denman brushes have been considered the best alternative to the Mason Pearson. It has the same large cushion pad moreover the natural boar bristles and the nylon pins make it comparable. Its D81L is closer to Mason Pearson because of its outer and inner structure.

What is special about Mason Pearson’s brush?

The beautifully designed structure of the brush cut the bristles into two lengths. The longer “spired” bristles can cut through the hair directly down to the scalp and distribute the natural sebum of the hair that adds body and shine.

Can you get a Mason Pearson brush wet?

Mason Pearson brushes are suitable for every hair type. Additionally, it can be used on dry as well as on wet hairs. I styled my wet hair by using a Mason Pearson brush and it did last and also did not pull my hair.

How long should a Mason Pearson brush last?

The quality of a Mason Pearson Brush lasts forever. It is a lifetime heck. You just spent money once and it will stay longer than any other brush. What they claim about their product is 100% true.

Are Mason Pearson brushes cruelty-free?

Mason Pearson brushes bristles are made from natural and real boar. These brushes are 100% cruelty-free which means the boar was not hurt while the bristles were gathered. These boar brushes are known for being delicate on the scalp and hair. This thing made it popular among people.

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